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Members of the Oregon Senate: Hansell to Rosenbaum



Hansell, Bill R—District 29

Hansell, Bill
R—Dist. 29

Hass, Mark

Hass, Mark
D—Dist. 14

Johnson, Betsy   D—Dist. 16

Johnson, Betsy
D—Dist. 16

Knopp, Tim R—District 27

Knopp, Tim
R—Dist. 27

Kruse, Jeff   R—Dist. 1

Kruse, Jeff
R—Dist. 1

Monnes Anderson,  Laurie  D—Dist. 25

Monnes Anderson,

D—Dist. 25

Monroe, Rod   D—Dist. 24

Monroe, Rod
D—Dist. 24

Olsen, Alan R. R—Dist. 20

Olsen, Alan R.
R—Dist. 20

Prozanski, Floyd   D—Dist. 4

Prozanski, Floyd
D—Dist. 4

Riley, Chuck  D—Dist. 15

Riley, Chuck
D—Dist. 15

Roblan, Arnie D—District 5

Roblan, Arnie
D—Dist. 5

Rosenbaum, Diane  D—Dist. 21

Rosenbaum, Diane
D—Dist. 21