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Members of the Oregon Senate

President of the Senate Peter Courtney

President of the Senate Peter Courtney

President of the Senate
Peter Courtney (Democrat, District 11) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 18, 1943. He graduated with Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Rhode Island and received a law degree from Boston University. Courtney was first elected to the Salem City Council in 1974 where he served until 1981. He began serving in the House of Representatives in 1981 and was first elected to the Senate in 1998. He has now served a record five terms as President of the Oregon Senate.

Courtney has worked at Western Oregon University since 1985, where he is an adjunct professor and serves as assistant to University President Mark D. Wiess. He has served on the Salem Mass Transit Board, the United Way Board, and the Board of Directors for the YMCA, and he has coached for the Boys and Girls Club.


Courtney has worked as a political commentator for The 10 O’Clock News at KPTV, Channel 12, Portland, and at KSLM Radio, Salem. He married his wife Margie in 1976. They have three sons, Peter, Sean and Adam.


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