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Secretary of State


This page will be updated after a secretary of state is appointed by the governor.


Secretary of State
136 State Capitol Building., 900 Court St. NE, Salem 97310-0722; 503-986-1523


The secretary of state is one of three constitutional officers of the executive branch elected statewide. The secretary serves a four-year term and can hold office for a second consecutive term.

The responsibilities of the secretary of state include leadership roles in the following areas.

Chief elections officer: The secretary interprets and applies state election laws, compiles and publishes the Voters’ Pamphlet and supervises all elections, local and statewide.

Auditor of public accounts: She examines and audits accounts of all publicly funded boards, commissions and agencies.

Corporation Division: The secretary keeps public records of businesses authorized to transact business in Oregon, nonprofit corporations, and trade and service marks. Other public business records include notices of security interests in movable and personal property, statutory liens, and warrants.

Chief records officer of the state: The secretary houses and provides access to the permanently valuable records of state government through the Archives Division and provides storage for inactive state agency records through the State Records Center.

State Land Board member: The secretary shares responsibility with the governor and treasurer for supervising and managing state-owned lands.

Oregon Sustainability Board: The secretary serves as chair.

The secretary is custodian of the Seal of the State of Oregon, and she regulates Oregon notaries
public. She also publishes the Oregon Blue Book.

If the office of governor becomes vacant, the office passes to the secretary of state. There is no lieutenant governor in Oregon.


Office of the Secretary of State