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Dept of Environmental Quality: Agency Subdivisions

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Environmental Quality Commission
Address: 811 SW 6th Ave., Portland 97204
Phone: 503-229-6585
Fax: 503-229-6762
Contact: Joan Stevens-Schwenger

Duties and Responsibilities: The Environmental Quality Commission, DEQ’s policy and rulemaking board, adopts administrative rules, issues orders and judges appeals of fines or other department actions, and hires the DEQ director. Commission members are appointed to four-year terms by the governor.

Air Quality Division
Address: 811 SW 6th Ave., Portland 97204-1380
Phone: 503-229-5696
Fax: 503-229-5675
Contact: Andy Ginsburg, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: The Air Quality Division’s goal is to achieve clean and healthy air for all Oregonians. DEQ works to ensure that federal clean air standards are met, that the public is protected from toxic air pollutants and that our scenic vistas are visible. To meet these goals, DEQ develops and implements strategies to reduce emissions from industry, cars, trucks, burning and other sources of air pollution. Among other strategies, DEQ regulates about 1,200 sources of industrial air pollution through permits, operates a vehicle inspection program in the Portland and Medford areas, and protects the public from asbestos in buildings that are being demolished or remodeled.


Laboratory and Environmental Assessment Division
Address: 3150 NW 229th Ave., Bldg. B, Hillsboro 97124
Phone: (503) 693-5700
Fax: (503) 693-4999
Contact: Greg Pettit, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: DEQ opened its Laboratory and Environmental Assessment Division facility in Hillsboro in 2007. DEQ shares the state-of-the-art facility with the Oregon State Public Health Lab. About 70 DEQ employees work at the lab, which was remodeled for energy savings and with the latest lab equipment in mind. The facility allows DEQ to test for toxic compounds at much lower concentrations than previously able, which leads to better environmental protection. The improvements include a special clean room for trace metals analysis at very low concentrations.

Monitoring and assessment programs conducted by the DEQ lab provide the foundation for restoring, maintaining and enhancing Oregon’s environmental quality. DEQ scientists maintain monitoring networks for air, water and land and conduct special studies to determine the status, trends and sources of impairment for Oregon’s environmental quality.

Land Quality Division
Address: 811 SW 6th Ave., Portland 97204-1380
Phone: 503-229-5696
Fax: 503-229-6977
Contact: Wendy Wiles, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: The Land Quality Division oversees agency programs in environmental cleanup and site assessment, hazardous and solid waste, spill response and underground storage tanks.

DEQ inventories and assesses sites contam­inated with hazardous waste and supervises development and implementation of cleanup strategies.

The emergency response program provides DEQ’s round-the-clock capability to deal with releases of hazardous materials and oil to both land and water and provides on-scene incident commanders for major cleanups.

DEQ oversees Oregon’s only hazardous waste landfill, regulates hazardous waste disposal and offers businesses pollution prevention assistance. A separate program regulates underground storage tanks.

Landfills are regulated through DEQ permits that set requirements for design, operation and monitoring. DEQ promotes waste reduction education and waste prevention strategies and implements a state recycling law that requires cities to provide curbside recycling collection and reduce garbage going into landfills. The solid waste program also requires manufacturers selling computers, monitors and televisions in Oregon to provide a system for free, convenient recycling of these products.

The division also operates a program to ensure that ballast water discharges and related maritime activities do not harm the state’s water bodies.

Water Quality Division
Address: 811 SW 6th Ave., Portland 97204-1380
Phone: 503-229-5696
Fax: 503-229-5408
Contact: Greg Aldrich, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: The Water Quality Division sets and enforces water quality standards and monitors 19 river basins around the state for water quality. The program also monitors and assesses groundwater and implements strategies to protect and enhance Oregon’s waters. Oregon law prohibits discharging pollution into state waters without a DEQ-issued permit. DEQ regulates more than 4,800 waste discharges from city sewage treatment plants, industrial facilities and stormwater-generating activities. DEQ develops strategies to reduce pollution carried by runoff from urban areas, agricultural and forest practices, and construction. The program provides loans to local governments for sewage treatment systems and control of non-regulated pollution sources. DEQ also regulates the installation of septic sewage disposal systems.


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